Heheh… I couldn’t resist the photo from The Five-ish Doctors… 😆

The day has come. Much too soon, in my opinion… The eighth season of Doctor Who is coming to a close. Saturday November 8th will show the second part of the finale episode, entitled “Death in Heaven”.

This season has really been memorable, with an older Doctor, a Clara that has changed quite a bit from the character she was with the 11th Doctor (and for the better, I think), and stories that – for the most part – have tackled some touchy subjects. Religion and myth, and how they become entwined with each other. The whole idea of death. These topics alone could (and do) fill up books upon books, let alone blog posts upon blog posts. These are topics that are important and should be talked about, as they touch on many issues that are very much in our faces these days.

But for this short post, I don’t want to swim in the deep end of the pool today (instead that would be appropriate for a discussion all on its own), but want to ask you two questions:

  • What do you think of Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor this season? Did he carry it off, in your opinion? Was his translation a failure?
  • Where is Missy’s/Master’s Neversphere?

I would love to know your thoughts on these two questions, and any replies will be talked about on Gallifrey Stands – A Doctor Who Podcast. There are a billion others that could be asked, but as the band always said: Keep It Simple Sweetheart… 😛

Reply here or tweet using the hashtag #GallipodQuestion

And the countdown is on……….

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