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Last Christmas

The Who Crew recorded the final podcast of the year and as of today, it is available for download. (yours truly was a teensy-weensy bit hung over, so excuse the gravelly voice and my lack of train of thought. Oh wait, I never have a train of thought…) Do listen all the way through to the end of the podcast as there is a bit of news on our own “regeneration”….

As usual (for the last time) the feed is not available through iTunes (but will be), so please click here to go directly to download the episode! As always, we’d love to get feedback from you. On the Doctor Who Stuff page, there are Twitter links to all of us, if you wish to follow any of us or just to Tweet!

Gallifrey Stands “Last Christmas” Podcast


The latest episode from Gallifrey Stands – A Doctor Who podcast is now up! We discuss Dark Water and the afterlife, among other things. Download from:


Podomatic: Episode list

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