Believe it or not, edits are just about done for Pieces of Nothing. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some actual info about it, sharing a few bits and all that neat stuff. I’ll also have a few free bits of downloadable fiction to give away, for those who would like to give my flavor of Kool-Aid a try! There are several people on my Beta readers list, but I’m always looking for a couple more, so if you are interested in getting a free book to read in exchange for a review, let me know! “Nothing” is a collection of shorts, and is relatively short as a whole, so this particular book is not something that will hold the door open while slugging laundry.  Email me:

For now, back to the Force! I have absolutely any idea if these are real or not, but frankly I don’t much care, especially for the first one. I think it’s great, funny, and that theme music still give me goosebumps after all these years! Ragardless of what anyone thinks, I’m really looking forward to going and seeing this movie. Take a look:

What do YOU think? 😀

EDIT: Below is the one released November 28th…  Triple-squee moment for me! The Force Awakens = The Excitement Awakens!!


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