Doesn’t it seem like all the interesting shows and series take FOREVER between season? Good grief. But it is probably worth it… Firstly, it could be assumed that the people involved with the show take their time to produce something worthwhile to watch even if we, the viewers, don’t always agree with the direction said shows take (cough choke sleepy hollow sputter). I, for one, still admire when a show at least takes a direction. Floating in the wind like pee from a giraffe is not much fun to follow along with.

Fringe comes to mind as a series that (seemed) to have a plan, wobbled a little at one point, but got it together again and really made something memorable.

All right, back to the point of this post: Helix. This is a show that really surprised me when it started, and in a good way. Like Orphan Black, it took a while to get into it’s rhythym, but once it did there was no looking back. And again like Orphan Black, season 2 seems to be a bit different but the same as season 1. I’ll save my opinions about the upcoming season of Orphan Black for another post (bookmark April on your calendar for that show!). The Helix Podcast has an interview with Neil Napier which is quite interesting to listen to, and he mentions that many of the Helix cast will be on Twitter this Friday evening (January 16) during the season premier episode. I don’t usually do the tweet thing while I watch a show, I find it tricky to follow tweets and a plot at the same time, but this time I might try.

Below are a couple of Youtube teasers for season 2 if you wish to check them out. To my knowledge there are no spoilers in these. To my knowledge.


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