For all you podcast listeners, there are two new episodes this week, should you feel the need for some Doctor Who and Orphan Black! Terry Tardis and the crew discussed (between coming and going), the finale episode of Doctor Who – Death in Heaven. Quite the end to a very different season of Who. I’ve very intention of re-watching the entire season and taking more notes, but overall, this season is one of my favorites of my time with the Doctor. It was interesting, moving, usually surprising – both in positive and negative ways – in how the Doctor has evolved, and finally very convoluted. Occasionally I thought it was over-complicated for nothing, but that is preferrable to empty episodes.

But anyway. If you wish to hear us chat about the finale, head on over to download the episode directly HERE. Next season, this podcast will be back on iTunes, and will be easier to keep up with.

For Orphan Black fans, the C-Word gang got together with Inter-Dimensional Dave and I to discuss (and have a ton of fun with) the second season of Orphan Black. (download here: iTunes) This show has just come along wonderfully since its debut, and it is almost scary to think of what might be around the corner in season three (supposed air in the Spring of 2015). Honestly, season two was just THAT good, can it keep it up? Only time will tell. Below is a 20 second teaser for next season. In the meantime, download that podcast, have a listen, and send them your feedback.  What is Cosima’s fate? What is Helena’s? How will Felix keep up with all this?

Gallifrey Stands – A Doctor Who podcast: Death in Heaven
Orphan Black season 2 Roundtable Discussion

Till next post – Allons-y! 😀

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