Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, God Jul, Happy Solstice…. and any others I have missed – enjoy the season! Thank you to all the followers who have been reading my musings and a few new ones who are on board for my new book (January 31, 2015 release). Whatever you celebrate, please do it safely! You wouldn’t want to miss the Doctor Who Christmas Special, would you?

Stay tuned on that topic, as Gallifrey Stands – a Doctor Who Podcast (run by the inimitable Terry Tardis) will be presenting a podcast a few days afterward, and will be accompanied by the usual hoodlums, myself probably included. Links will be available everywhere.

As for John and Smith (“Time for Nothing”), last I heard Smith was sipping (through a straw, of course) a very nicely chilled white Chardonnay, as John was desperately trying not to skewer anyone while night skating on Jupiter’s Ganymede. Those new lights they just installed around the rink a mighty bright for a unicorn…


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