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2014 has come and gone, and 2015 is well underway already. I have mixed feelings about it this year but… that’s a long story. :-p

The Who Crew recorded the final podcast of the year and as of today, it is available for download. (yours truly was a teensy-weensy bit hung over, so excuse the gravelly voice and my lack of train of thought. Oh wait, I never have a train of thought…) Do listen all the way through to the end of the podcast as there is a bit of news on our own “regeneration”….

Overall, I really enjoyed this special, though I’m glad to have watched it twice. It was definitely better the second time around. May I just say: Best Santa Ever. 😀

As usual (for the last time) the feed is not available through iTunes (but will be), so please click here to go directly to download the episode! As always, we’d love to get feedback from you. On the Doctor Who Stuff page, there are Twitter links to all of us, if you wish to follow any of us or just to Tweet!

From the bottom of my French Canadian Scandinavian heart, I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of New Year’s!


Gallifrey Stands “Last Christmas” Podcast


Tis The Season For – Doctor Who!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, God Jul, Happy Solstice…. and any others I have missed – enjoy the season! Thank you to all the followers who have been reading my musings and a few new ones who are on board for my new book (January 31, 2015 release). Whatever you celebrate, please do it safely! You wouldn’t want to miss the Doctor Who Christmas Special, would you?

Stay tuned on that topic, as Gallifrey Stands – a Doctor Who Podcast (run by the inimitable Terry Tardis) will be presenting a podcast a few days afterward, and will be accompanied by the usual hoodlums, myself probably included. Links will be available everywhere.

As for John and Smith (“Time for Nothing”), last I heard Smith was sipping (through a straw, of course) a very nicely chilled white Chardonnay, as John was desperately trying not to skewer anyone while night skating on Jupiter’s Ganymede. Those new lights they just installed around the rink a mighty bright for a unicorn…


Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

Heheh… I couldn’t resist the photo from The Five-ish Doctors… 😆

The day has come. Much too soon, in my opinion… The eighth season of Doctor Who is coming to a close. Saturday November 8th will show the second part of the finale episode, entitled “Death in Heaven”.

This season has really been memorable, with an older Doctor, a Clara that has changed quite a bit from the character she was with the 11th Doctor (and for the better, I think), and stories that – for the most part – have tackled some touchy subjects. Religion and myth, and how they become entwined with each other. The whole idea of death. These topics alone could (and do) fill up books upon books, let alone blog posts upon blog posts. These are topics that are important and should be talked about, as they touch on many issues that are very much in our faces these days.

But for this short post, I don’t want to swim in the deep end of the pool today (instead that would be appropriate for a discussion all on its own), but want to ask you two questions:

  • What do you think of Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor this season? Did he carry it off, in your opinion? Was his translation a failure?
  • Where is Missy’s/Master’s Neversphere?

I would love to know your thoughts on these two questions, and any replies will be talked about on Gallifrey Stands – A Doctor Who Podcast. There are a billion others that could be asked, but as the band always said: Keep It Simple Sweetheart… 😛

Reply here or tweet using the hashtag #GallipodQuestion

And the countdown is on……….

Dark Water Podcast Episode

The Who crew discuss the latest episode from Doctor Who, in which we learn more about Missy, and see the return of one of the Doctor’s great enemies.

To me, this was a fantastic episode, with a very intense development between Clara and the Doctor. Next week’s episode – which will happily be a bit longer than normal – will hopefully clean up many of the mysteries we’ve been exposed to this season.

And I cannot wait!

Listen to or download the episode from either of the below locations, and be sure to Tweet the crew with you opinions!


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